What Is Ice Diving & Why You Should Try It? A Beginners Guide

If you’re looking for a thrilling and adrenalin-pumping sports activity, ice diving is perfect for you! But have you ever windered what is ice diving and what should you try it?

Well, This extreme sport involves plunging headfirst into freezing water, usually while wearing a heavy suit and helmet. Be sure to read on for information on the equipment you’ll need, the rules of the sport, the benefits to play this open water sport, and tips for a successful dive.

Let’s first know what is ice diving exactly.

What Is Ice Diving?

Ice diving is a sport that combines the excitement of flying through the air while wearing a suit and helmet with the cold, refreshing waters below. Ice diving involves jumping out of an airplane or helicopter and plunging deep into ice-cold water to explore a remote area in search of Antarctica wildlife.

Benefits Of Ice Diving

Ice diving is an exciting sport that allows you to experience the thrill of adventure and wildlife at close quarters. Here are some benefits of playing ice diving:

  • Ice diving is a great way to explore new places. Unlike other sports where athletes compete against each other, in ice diving, you have access to some of the most spectacular locations on Earth.
  • You can jump into freezing waters in exotic countries like Iceland, Mexico, and Croatia and dive with dolphins, penguins, sea snails, or whales!
  • Ice diving offers a challenging workout.
  • Ice Diving teaches about visibility and conservationism. When humans swim with predators such as orcas, walruses, sharks, etc.
  • Surface ice dancing can improve balance & coordination.
Benefits Of Ice Diving

Required Diving Equipment

When it comes to ice diving, you will need the proper equipment for a safe and enjoyable experience.

First of all, you must have wet suits that protect you from the cold water and an air supply that allows you to breathe while beneath the surface. You may also want to bring along special dive gear like a SCUBA knife, fins, weights, drysuit, full-face mask, or buoyancy compensating devices (BCDs).

Aside from these essential items, some people also recommend investing in a dry suit, dry gloves, waterproof undergarments, or a wet suit specifically designed for freezing temperatures. These garments help reduce moisture loss and keep your body warm during dives.

How To Do Ice Diving?

Ice diving is a popular sport that involves plunging into cold waters to explore the depths of lakes and rivers. The basic steps of ice diving are as follows:

1) Get dressed warmly, including protective gear such as a hood and gloves.

2) Check your air supply – make sure you have enough for the dive and don’t forget your BCD (Buoyancy Control Device).

3) Don your fins (flippers), which will help you maintain control while underwater.

4) Fit your mask and go underwater – be careful not to hit anything with them on! Once in position, release the safety diver skirt so that it drops down behind you before tying it off securely around yourself. You’re now ready to start swimming through the frozen waterways at incredible speeds!


Some common questions regarding what is ice diving are answered here. Take a quick look at the simple responses for more information in a matter of minutes.

How does ice diving work?

Ice diving works by using scuba diving gear to swim through the layer of ice cold water.

What do I wear for ice diving?

People wear all sorts of protective gear when ice diving, including scuba gear like wet suits and scuba tanks.

How fast can I go while Ice Diving?

Ice divers can swim at incredible speeds, sometimes reaching up to 60 mph!

What are some risks involved in ice diving?

Ice diving can be very dangerous, and there are many risks involved, such as hitting objects underwater or getting lost.


Ice Diving

In summary, Ice diving is an exciting sport that involves diving into cold water to perform various stunts, like swimming and diving. It’s a physically and mentally demanding activity that’s perfect for thrill-seekers who love adventure. With the increasing popularity of ice diving, there are now many places to experience this thrill for yourself. Share your experience by leaving a comment below or simply sending us an email.

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