What Is Underwater Football? 5 Obvious Benefits To Play

Have you ever heard of underwater football? What is underwater football? If you don’t know, it’s time you got to know about this aquatic sport! Underwater football is a sport that combines the fundamentals of football with the excitement of diving. The game can be enjoyed by anyone of any age and can be played on both indoor and outdoor water surfaces. Read on to learn more about the benefits of playing underwater football and how to play this exciting water sport.

What Is Underwater Football?

Underwater football is a sport that combines the fun and excitement of touch football with the adventure element of diving. It involves two teams of five players each trying to get their ball into one end zone by either passing or running through underwater obstacles. The first team to reach the endpoint wins!

The game’s objective is for players who are completely submerged underwater to manipulate (by carrying and passing) a slightly negatively buoyant ball from one side of a pool to the other.

5 Benefits Of Playing Underwater Football

Underwater football is a growing sport that is enjoyed by athletes of all ages. Here are 5 reasons why you should join the underwater football community:

1. Underwater football is a great workout that can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

2. It’s an easy sport to learn, requiring just a bit of underwater equipment and some basic swimming skills.

3. There are many competitive water leagues in which players from around the world compete against one another.

4. Playing underwater football is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t require any land or other resources for practice or competition venues, making it sustainable overall.

5 . Finally, playing underwater football is fun! This fun experience also improves buoyancy and breathability.

Benefits Of Playing Underwater Football

How To Play Underwater Football?

Just like on land, underwater football is a game of control and possession. To play well, you need to master the basics of spatial awareness and decision-making. When opposing players are in your space, you need to be able to recognize it quickly and take appropriate action.

Water polo has a lot in common with this sport, but it is primarily played underwater. Except when he has the football in his hand, each player can go up to the surface and take air as many times as he needs. One player from each squad moves the ball past their opponents to reach the ball goal, as is customary in football.

Just five players are on the court at one time, despite each team having 13 players. The ball may be passed to team members or swam with by the player with it. Meanwhile, the opponents will attempt to intercept a pass or steal the ball from the other player. Eventually, the team with the most points will triumph.

The court is 10 meters wide (32 ft), 15 meters (49 feet) long, and 4 meters (13 feet) deep. A match has two 20-minute rounds and a half-time of 5 minutes.

To win the ball back or keep it away from your opponent’s goal, you must use all your strength and agility underwater. All these skills require practice if you want to become an expert at this exciting sport!

Required Equipment For Playing Underwater Football

The equipment that is required for playing underwater football includes:

  • A football
  • A weight belt
  • Fins
  • Buoyancy compensator
  • Air tank
  • A mouthpiece, and
  • A snorkel.

Source: Wikipedia

FAQs About What Is Underwater Football

In this FAQ section, you can learn more about what is underwater football & related things.

How is underwater football different from normal football?

Underwater football is played underwater using scuba gear. Normal football is played on land using a ball and other normal equipment.

Who invented Underwater Football?

David Murdoch, a scuba diving instructor working at the Frank Kennedy Centre in Manitoba in the 1960s, invented underwater football. The game originated from a pool brick-based “keep-away” training drill that honed the kids’ snorkeling abilities.

Where can I play underwater football?

You can play underwater football in any body of water, including pools, lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Moreover, you can also play in a swimming pool if you have the proper gear and permission.


Underwater Football

If you’re looking for a fun and sporty activity to do this summer, underwater football may be the perfect option for you! Not only is the sport exciting, but it also comes with a variety of health benefits. We hope you go through the blog and learn much about this water sport and the equipment that you’ll need to play it. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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