What Is Underwater Wrestling?

If you’re wondering what is underwater wrestling, or just want to know the basics, read on! Underwater wrestling is a sport that combines elements of grappling and swimming. It’s a great way to get your heart rate up and stay active, as well as learn some important safety skills.

Underwater wrestling is also a great way to reduce stress – after all, who wouldn’t feel more relaxed after a good workout underwater? In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of underwater wrestling and how you can start playing it.

What Is Underwater Wrestling?

Underwater wrestling is a sport that involves two teams of five people each trying to physically pull one another beneath the water’s surface. The purpose of the game is to remove your opponent from the pool by either throwing them out or dragging them under with you.

The fight consists of three 30-second rounds, with a fourth-round played in the event of a tie. It takes place inside a 5-meter (16 ft) square ring inside a swimming pool. The sport was initially played at the international level in 1993 after it arose in the former Soviet Union (now Russia) during the 1980s.

Benefits Of Underwater Wrestling

Underwater wrestling is a sport that is growing in popularity by the day. If you’re curious about what all the hype is about and want to learn more about the benefits of this exciting sport, read on. Here are some of the key benefits of underwater wrestling, From exercise to mental stimulation, there are plenty of reasons to get involved with this underwater sport!

1. Underwater wrestling is a great workout.

2. You can improve flexibility and range of motion underwater.

3. You don’t need any equipment, so it’s ideal for travel or training on the go.

4. The resistance is adjustable, so you can customize the intensity to your own level of fitness/ability.

5 . It develops muscle strength and coordination in multiple ways (bodyweight exercises, joint manipulation).

How To Play Underwater Wrestling?

The rules are simple, and basically involve three basic principles: grabbing, holding, and grounding.

Grabbing refers to any action that allows one player to touch his or her opponent physically, including arm-twisting, chest-thumping, head-butting (except when using hair), and leg scissoring.

Holding refers to keeping your opponent underwater for more than two seconds without letting go.

Grounding means securing your opponent with either one’s body or an object such as a piece of equipment, fence, or ring post.

Required Equipment For Underwater Wrestling

The equipment that is generally needed for underwater wrestling is:

  • A wet suit or wrestling suit
  • Goggles
  • Mouthguard
  • Fins
  • Weight belt, and mask.

Source: Wikipedia

FAQs About What Is Underwater Wrestling

Here are some common questions about what is underwater wrestling. People frequently want to know the answers to these questions. Take a glance at the brief answers to learn more about the topic within a short time.

Where was the first international competition of underwater wrestling held?

In August 1993, in Moscow, the first International Competition was held. The International Aquathlon Association (IAA) was founded in March 1996 by representatives of diving federations from Russia, Ukraine, and Israel. To promote the formation of national federations and organizations to play the sport across the globe, IAA strives to grow the sport and develop it.

Which aquathlon commission recognized aquathlon for the first time?

Aquathlon was recognised by the Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS) in 2008 for the first time.

How can I make my aquathlon practice successfully?

When it comes to aquathlon, practice makes perfect. The more time you dedicate to practicing your strokes and drills, the better off you will be when the competition arrives. Even if you are new to the sport, there is no need to feel overwhelmed or uncertain about how to get started.

Begin by choosing a location where you can swim uninterrupted for at least 20 minutes (or as long as necessary). Swim at a moderate pace and focus on avoiding hesitation or excessive drag during your stroke. Be sure also adhere to proper training guidelines such as wearing goggles and staying hydrated throughout your session.

And finally, use visualization techniques before each aquathlon race to relax and prepare mentally for the competition.


In the meantime, you’ve learned about what is underwater wrestling and why it is getting popular all over the world. All in all, It is a physical and mental challenge that requires a lot of strength, agility, and endurance.

If you’re looking for a sport that is both challenging and exciting, underwater wrestling is the perfect option for you!

Let us know in the comment box below if you get the benefits of underwater wrestling and about your experience. We would be glad to hear from you!

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